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Cluster Analysis 5

For thiks assignmnet you will write a 5 page (not including cover page or refrence page) APA compliant paper discussing the use of “Cluster Analysis”. I will expect to see a disucssion of what Cluster Analysisi is good for and what it is not good for.

For assignments related to discussions, please create a thread in the appropriate discussion and add your content there. For the assignments that give you questions to answer, please submit all your answers in a single Word file. Please consider your answers, perhaps writing a draft first, and then revising it before you do your final submission.

For writing assignments all submissions MUST be APA compliant, this will count for 20% of the assignment grade.

For all assignments, your answers should be concise and “to-the-point”. References are not required for most assignments (I’ll specifically ask for them in some cases), however they are appreciated — especially if your answer consists of a significant amount of the site or article.