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Cmit 421 Project 2 Vm Scanner Evaluation Background Report

I’m working on a cyber security project and need support to help me learn.

Your next project will involve reviewing a Nessus report, (Document ATTACHED – See Nessus General Scan Report page 1)a commercial scanning tool, and making tool purchase recommendations to your company.

Your report should link your analysis to the kinds of organizational functions and data associated with a transportation company (e.g., protecting order data, customer lists, sales leads, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance for processing credit, proprietary software, etc.) and provide your recommendation if Mercury USA should purchase the Nessus tool.

As you are writing your report, you may want to refer to the CEO’s video (See Transcript below- Page 10) to make sure your analysis and recommendations align with the CEO’s priorities and concerns.

This project should be four to six pages in length and include a title/cover page. Include in-text citations and a reference page with three quality sources in a citation style of your choice.

If you haven’t already downloaded it last week, download the VM Scanner Background Report Template (Document Attached) now and follow the instructions in the document.

undefinedDelete the instructional text from the template before you submit.

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