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Cmp Disscusion 11


For this discussion thread, you are to read Chapter 11 and then answer one of the questions below:

1. Visit the website of a professional sports team and find an example of a promotional event that the team hosts: a caravan, clinic, open house, conference, or exhibitor fair (look at p. 228-230 for a full description of each promotional event). For your post, please do the following: 1) Who is your team and what is the promotional event that they offer? 2) How extensive is the event (small, large, do they have a sponsor, how many cities are involved, etc.)? 3) Which organizational representatives are part of the caravan group? 4) Do you think offering these types of promotional events are effective PR? Are they worth all of the effort? Why or why not?

Remember to use as much language from the chapter as possible for a fully developed post.


2. Read through the sport section of an online daily newspaper (Idaho Statesman, LA Times, a paper from your hometown) and find two examples of stories relating to unmediated communication events staged by sport organizations). You’ll probably need to read through several days of the paper to find two – or you might get lucky and find both in one day! Identify what the stories are about (include links), from what paper you found the stories, and what unmediated communication events they relate to. Once you identify these items, then address: What papers did you look through and what events did you find? Would you evaluate the stories as primarily favorable, neutral, or negative? What sort of impressions would you say that those stories made on people who did not attend the event but read about it in the paper?

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