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College Capstone 14

Research and analyze a healthcare situation for its psychosocial and biological factors.

Course outcome:

HS290–1: Integrate knowledge from behavioral and biological sciences as a basis for allied health practice.

GEL-5.01: Identify examples of human expression in society and culture.

Before you begin your Assignment, watch a brief introduction video. Be sure to adjust your audio settings.


Your response may be based on an actual situation or a hypothetical situation. Any actual situation should be presented as a hypothetical one, with any names and other identifying information changed for anonymity. Begin with a brief summary of the situation. As you discuss the psychosocial and biological factors involved, include:

(a) identification of two specific psychosocial factors,

(b) identification of two specific biological factors,

(c) the impact of the factors on healthcare as both an art (methodology, bedside manner, etc.) and a science (systematized knowledge) for the patient and/or provider, and

(d) any implications for dealing with patients from diverse cultures.

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