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Communication Assignments 2

Discussion Board Instructions:

Please answer each question as thoroughly as you can. I won’t give you a specific word count, but at the very least try for a few paragraphs for each question.

Where possible, try to refer to points in the chapter that help to illustrate your points or arguments. Think about your initial responses to these questions, and then consider how you can reshape those responses–or reframe them or otherwise edit them–so that they incorporate insights, angles, or other content from the chapter.

Discussion Board Questions:

What aspects of the variety of text-based and/or email-based services designed to help you reach particular health goals do you find most appealing (e.g. encouraging messages, online options to track your improvement, personal coaching, helpful hints, etc.)? What aspects do you find unappealing?

Describe some of the most common reasons people seek health information online and the factors that might discourage them from doing so. Your answer should integrate the following terms and theories: information sufficiency threshold, the health information acquisition model, the Theory of Motivated Information Management, and the Integrative Model of Online Health Information Seeking.

How does uses and gratifications theory help to explain eHealth behavior? Give an example from your own experience, if possible.

Have you ever used a patient portal? If so, what was your experience like? Did you find it easy or hard to use? Why? If you could design a patient portal, what features would it include?

Assignment two: Health Campaign Work Log it is due Sunday midnight 

Step 4: Selecting Channels of Communication

Assignment Instructions

As you work through the process of planning, designing, and implementing your health campaign, you should keep notes about what tasks you’ve accomplished along the way that related to each of the seven steps outlined across Chapters 13 and 14:

Define the Situation

Analyze/Segment Audiences

Establish Campaign Goals & Objectives

Select Communication Channels

Design Campaign Messaging

Pilot and Implement the Campaign

Evaluate and Maintain the Campaign

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