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Communication Assignments 4

I’m working on a health & medical question and need an explanation to help me study.

1. Week 13 Discussion Prompts is due Thursday midnight

Discussion Board Instructions:

Please answer each question as thoroughly as you can. I won’t give you a specific word count, but at the very least try for a few paragraphs for each question.

Where possible, try to refer to points in the chapter that help to illustrate your points or arguments. Think about your initial responses to these questions, and then consider how you can reshape those responses–or reframe them or otherwise edit them–so that they incorporate insights, angles, or other content from the chapter.

Discussion Board Questions:

Consider the mediated images and messages that a person encounters in a typical day via TV, billboards, the news, the internet, video games, social media, etc. According to cultivation theory and social comparison theory, what can we expect that a person might believe about themselves and about the world based on these messages?

Identify several DTC ads for pharmaceutical drugs. In your opinion, are the depictions in the ads realistic? Fair? Culturally inclusive? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these ads, as you see them? Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Why or why not?

Find 1-2 health stories in the news. Does the information reflect ongoing, widespread health concerns or rarer conditions? Is the information helpful in terms of treating or preventing health concerns? What do you like best about the stories? What would you improve about them?

What did Gerbner mean by the term happy violence? Can you give some examples from your own media experiences?

2. Health Campaign Work Log is due Saturday midnight

Step 7: Evaluating and Maintaining the Campaign

Assignment Instructions

As you work through the process of planning, designing, and implementing your health campaign, you should keep notes about what tasks you’ve accomplished along the way that related to each of the seven steps outlined across Chapters 13 and 14:

Define the Situation

Analyze/Segment Audiences

Establish Campaign Goals & Objectives

Select Communication Channels

Design Campaign Messaging

Pilot and Implement the Campaign

Evaluate and Maintain the Campaign

For this assignment, Do the seventh log each week for 7 weeks. You will submit the form in Canvas by the assigned date.


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