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Communication Conflict

Do you currently use the conflict script that was modeled in your family (i.e., do you use the same style of conflict that was modeled in your family)? Does yours differ? Do you avoid conflict? Do you look for win/win, win/lose, etc.?

For these next questions, you can address a conflict situation in an interpersonal relationship, friendship circle, workplace environment, your family, or a group project/team situation. In other words, please use the situation that best lends itself to answering these questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. Sometimes conflicts makes us realize we need to sever relationships or sometimes it makes us even closer depending on the closeness of the relationship. Depending on which scenario you choose, use terminology from the TED Talk “Finding Confidence in Conflict” by Kwame Christian

Was the conflict scenario healthy? Did it made the relationship or environment stronger after working through it. Was the conflict not productive and the environment became dysfunctional or toxic because of how the conflict was handled?

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