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Communication Ethics 3

Paper Requirements:

1/ Watch Video “Les Miserable” prior to completing the assignment:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBMRnkXpCxM (The tutor will must take care of this)

2/ You are not answering questions at the end of the chapter under the section entitled “Communication Ethics: Reflections and Action.” You are providing your reflection of the chapter based upon the material in the section entitled, “Engaging Communication Ethics Through Literature: Les Misérables.”

3/ In addition to the chapters, read “Engaging Communication Ethics through Literature” at the end of chapter 2. Provide a reflection based upon the chapter readings, your personal experiences, organizational impact, and the end of chapter reading. The reflection (minimum of 1200 words, not including cover page or references) should demonstrate your engagement with the readings by submitting a reflection that follows the end-of-chapter prompts pertaining to Les Misérables. Extend the discussion to refer to your own experience or observations.

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