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Communication Ethics 8

The book review should be written for a general audience and will be uploaded to Canvas. The review must meet writing and ethical objectives.

The book review must include the following elements:

1.A concise summary of the entire book.

2.What the book taught you about how communicating mindfully is essential to personal existence and organizational ethics (i.e., relationships, ways of thinking, and ways of communicating). Please provide at least 2 specific areas of impact/affect with examples to illuminate your points.

3.What you believe to be the most important benefit of this book. In other words, what do you believe is the greatest takeaway from this book and why?

4. Provide one critique regarding a claim/argument provided in the book. Explain your critique.


Read all chapter of ebook to write this paper

Link Ebook to refer: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15_h0dB_fMe…

This paper is required by 8 pages not including cover page or references and follow APA7 format.

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