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Community Needs Assessment And Intervention Assignment

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Students will work in groups of 2-4 to identify and understand a local community and a major problem in that community. The group will develop an intervention plan for positive change for the community based on information gathered from multiple sources.

As a group, you will prepare a 15-20 minute presentation covering each of the required topics as listed below. Group members should share equal responsibility for contributing to the creation of the paper and presentation, and should also share equally in presenting the project to the class. This presentation should include citations from at least six scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles or academic textbooks. Use this information to illustrate the nature of the social problem from a broader perspective. You should also use research to inform the intervention plan you develop and propose.

Your presentation should address the following areas:

Part 1: Background and Additional Information

  • Identify a community in Will County or DuPage County:
    • Identify the demographics/location of the community (and explain the significance of this information)
    • Identify any relevant history that relates to the community
  • Identify a major social problem affecting that community
    • Discuss the nature of the social problem within the community and more broadly
      • What does the problem look like?
      • Who and what does it impact and how?
      • What does research indicate about this social problem more broadly?
        • Causes, consequence, intervention, etc…
    • Explain why this community is experiencing this problem.
      • Identify any relevant history that relates to the social problem
    • What strengths does the community have that can help solve this problem?
    • What is the community already doing to address the problem?
      • What micro, mezzo and macro systems are ro could be involved in solving the problem?
  • Identify an agency in this community that is working to address the social problem (Note: It could be a great idea to contact this agency to discuss these thoughts… )
    • Provide the history of the agency with a focus on diverse and/or at-risk populations
    • How does the agency view the issue?
    • What is the agency doing to address this issue?
      • Who is involved and how?
      • What approaches are being taken and are they effective?
      • What does research say about this particular approach?
  • Are there policies/laws in place that may impact this problem? Is there a policy that is not working or does not exist? Explain. (Note: You can also gather information in this area from the community leaders.)
  • Interview at least 2 community leaders and ask them about their assessment of the problem.
    • Example questions: What do they see as the causes, consequences of the problem? What do they see as the solution?
  • Discuss 1-2 ethical issues of concern related to the community, the social problem or the agency working to address the issue. Explain the ethical dilemma and why it may be present.

Part 2: Intervention

  • Develop a possible intervention plan that may help to solve or alleviate the problem. This should be based on the information gathered from all sources. Use the Generalist Intervention Model to guide the intervention you are proposing.

Community Needs Assessment and Intervention Assignment Evaluation

Evaluation of this assignment will be based on how clearly you respond to the above criteria, in particular:

  1. The clarity with which you introduce and describe the community and the social problem that exists;
  2. The depth, scope, and organization of your analysis of the social problem and current attempts at addressing the issue as outlined, and your development of an intervention plan;
  3. Your ability to incorporate research & class materials to substantiate your analysis;
  4. Thoroughness and completeness;
  5. The quality and proficiency of your research, group process, and proposed ideas; and
  6. Your ability to be a productive member of the group while completing this assignment
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