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Community Risk Assessment 1

The four components of this Population Health Care Delivery Project include:

  • community risk assessment
  • intervention development
  • implementation plan
  • evaluation plan
  • Directions: You will do only the community risk assessment first.  For this assignment you can choose either STD in younger adults or teenage pregnancy among youths in the state of Maryland. You will write a 3–5 page MS Word document (excluding the title and reference pages)  which contains: 
    • demographic and social determinants, including multicultural and diverse communities for your population health;
    • community infrastructure variables;
    • analysis of surveillance data collected for the risk assessment including
      • sources of data (bibliographic databases, U.S. government sources of data and peer-reviewed evidence-based findings);
      • data calculations; and
      • criteria for assessing the quality and utility of the epidemiologic data.
    • outcomes from the risk assessment related to the health of your target population;
    • you must select one screening tool from one peer reviewed journal article and discuss the reliability and validity of the tool; and
    • a minimum of five peer reviewed evidence-based journal articles with findings relevant to your target population and selected epidemiological problem.
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