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Company Analysis Report 4

I’m working on a management question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

The report should include the six sections in the proposal: 1) an overview of the company; 2) The strategic issues/challenges; 3) Internal analysis and core competencies; 4) External analysis; 5) Financial analysis or other analysis on the company’s operation; 6) Recommendations. The order of these sections can be flexible. You should include subtitles for each section of the report.

You should base your detailed analysis on the sections in the proposal and the list of general questions in case analysis. I.e. current financial performance, external analysis, internal analysis, identify core competencies if any, SWOT analysis, recommendations.

The final paper should be single spaced, no more than 5 pages, excluding endnotes and appendix. Use Word-standard top, bottom, and side margins, 12-point Time New Roman font. You should cite references for all facts, conclusions, analysis, logic, and/or quotations that come from others. You may either use “endnotes” by listing, at the end of your paper (and NOT included in the 5-page limit) the full citation and the name of the author and/or publication and date within the text (e.g., [Hitt et al 2013] ) or formal “raised number” footnotes plus a formal bibliography listing all sources. APA citation format is recommended.


The report should be based on the proposal.

The proposal will be attached below.

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