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Discussion 8 3 1

I’m working on a management question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

The way we work, where we work, the environment we work in, and how we communicate with coworkers has changed dramatically over the past few years. Work that was traditionally performed in a building surrounded by co-workers is now being performed remotely or in our house. Technology has been a big part of this change and has allowed us to communicate with others across the globe from our home office, while also being able to collaborate with multiple people at the same time via a computer. There are also challenges with this new work situation such as time management, isolation, self-discipline, and trust from leadership that work will get done without direct supervision. With all of these changes in the work environment, the way an employee’s work is evaluated and performance appraised should be re-examined as well.

This week’s discussion has two parts:

1) Identify three challenges when it comes to traditional performance appraisals or employee evaluations from a manager’s perspective.

2) How would those challenges be different when evaluating employees who work remotely?

The original posting or answer to the questions must go well beyond a one or two worded response. Each challenge should be written with multiple sentence answers.

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