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Discussion And Respond To Student

After completing the two influence surveys, post your thoughts about what you have learned about your influencing skills and effectiveness from these two surveys? Please share an example of when you used these influencing skills. 



After answering the discussion question, you need to reply to another student. I will provide it after you finish. 

Respond to student:

My results from the CGWA quiz was that I am the weakest in attracting. I tend not to find alignment and build a vision to influence other people, according to the CGWA quiz. This sense of style is considered to motivate and help people achieve their goals. I feel like I try to inspire others around me, but not sure if I am successful at doing so. I think this style helps best in a managerial position or in a group activity. This is not something I would want my employees/team members to encounter in the workplace. However, I learned that attracting has constructive feedback and can be useful in long-term intentions. I will try to improve in attracting to better demonstrate an atmosphere of optimism. I scored a 62 on the Mindtools survey and I am considered a strong influencer. One influencing skill that stood out to me the most was to help colleagues with their workload as you never know when you may need their help. When I used to serve tables in a restaurant, this was always on my mind. There were only two servers at a time dividing the sections up into nine tables each. Therefore, if the other server was getting almost a full section and I could assist in anyway, I would. This would ultimately help boost tips and help alleviate some of the stress during those hours.

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