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Discussion And Short Paper 1

part 1:

Referencing Figure 6.1: “Ten process design and improvement steps” on page 74 of the textbook, select one of the four defined phases. Use a business process example you are familiar with to explain the steps of the phase to a new hire on your team by describing how to perform each step in the identified example.

In your responses to your peers, play the role of the new hire and generate a list of questions and potential responses to the information provided about the identified example in your peer’s post.

PART 2; Take a position on whether user interfaces for work will remain isolated or become more collaborative. Present evidence, based on the different categories of social media, to support your argument. Include at least two references in APA format.

In providing feedback to your peers, constructively challenge and critique their arguments.

Part # 3: Using the PowerPoint file from Milestone Two, create new slides and speaker notes for the fourth section of the course project.

IV. Explain how current help desk service-level baselines will be established. Specifically, how will you determine the current level of service and designate it as acceptable or not acceptable?

  1. What stakeholders and user needs should be taken into account?
  2. What is considered an acceptable level of service, and should this be static or dynamic?
  3. Explain the process you designed for measuring improvement of service. What methods could be used to measure improvements (surveys, call logs, etc.)? Why is measuring performance improvement useful? What is the reasoning behind your process?
  4. Explain how you plan on monitoring service levels to identify improvements or patterns.

For additional details, please refer to the Final Project Document and the Milestone Three Guidelines and Rubric document.


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