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Discussion And Short Paper 2


A popular word processor previously contained an anthropomorphic character to assist users as they worked in the program. Describe the disadvantages associated with this design. Recommend a different design and list the advantages to implementing the new design.

Reply to your peers with a carefully structured response that constructively challenges their posts. Add additional examples and research as appropriate.

Part 2 :

A group decision system is being built over a network and, because of the lag inherent to the network, is experiencing delays. For each of the situations below, suggest the longest acceptable amount of time the delay could last without negatively affecting the user. Provide a rationale for each estimate, and include relevant examples and research in your response.

  • System confirming the user’s pass word during log-in
  • Synchronous group editing of a document
  • Asynchronous critiquing of other participants’ work
  • Voting on serious issues

PART #3:

Read the digital censorship in China case study in SNHU IT-412 Custom VitalSource Text, and write a short paper that answers the following questions from the textbook:

1. (a) Assume that you work as the senior vice president for international markets for Google. Your job is to prepare the company for its move into China. During negotiations with Chinese officials, you are given the following ultimatum: remove all links to webpages blocked by the Chinese government from search results. Otherwise, Google will be blocked and unavailable to Chinese citizens. China is a large new market for Google, so the consequences of being excluded from that market are quite serious. Also, competitors (like Yahoo) seem willing to play along with China. What would you recommend to Google’s CEO about how to proceed? (b) What are the dangers involved in Google’s current strategy?

2. Should companies like Cisco be concerned that their routers are being used to filter out sensitive content in countries like China? Are they complicit in China’s censorship regime?

3. What is your moral assessment of the Chinese government’s efforts to censor the Internet? In your view, do the Internet’s free speech properties (embedded in its underlying code) slowly erode any government’s ability to control online expression?

To complete this assignment, review the Short Paper Guidelines and Rubric document.