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Discussion Board 2043

For the Faith and Integration Forum, you will select 1 question from the Faith and Integration Forum Questions. The thread must be at least200–250 words.

Question 3

  • Ecclesiastes 11:11 states: “Cast your bread on the surface of the waters, for you will find it after many days.” As mentioned in the text, Solomon was deeply involved in cross-border commerce. Consider the trade of grain. When the Israelites would trade their grain with other nations, they were essentially “casting [their] bread upon the water.” But notice that with Solomon, the word is plural: “cast your bread on the waters.”

3a.Write a short essay explaining the implications from a business perspective regarding diversification of money, assets, and investments of “casting you bread upon the waters”?

3b.Write a short essay on the biblical worldview response to dealing with business risk within the context of cross-border commerce. What are some proper ways to approach business risk while at the same time being responsible with investments? How is being responsible with investments different than a business gamble since both involve the risk of losing?

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