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Discussion Board 2054

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Discussion Topic: Snitch or No Snitch

Discussion #3: For this discussion, you will first read the CASE IN POINT-The Anti-Snitch Movement in Ch. 8, p 240-241. The case in point discusses the idea of eliminating the informant, or what many feel is the “snitch”. Many feel that undercover work, and many types of crimes, cannot be solved without the use of the informant. Yet many feel informants are a negative way to perform police investigations. This is what you will discuss. Begin by responding to what you read in the case in point. What is your impressions and opinions of what you read? As you respond, take a stand on your feeling of the use of informants. Next, discuss whether you agree or disagree with the use of informants, and defend your position. Finally, discuss the alternatives available to investigators if the informant should be taken away from the investigative process.

Remember-READ the instructions for writing a Discussion Board. Your initial post MUST BE AT LEAST 300 WORDS IN LENGTH; if shorter, you will be marked down. There is no limit to the length. YOU MUST RESPOND TO TWO CLASSMATES’ POSTS. Click on the post, then click on Add a Comment to respond. EACH of these two posts must be AT LEAST 200 WORDS IN LENGTH! You must include at least one citation and reference in your post in APA 7 format. If any evidence or data is used in responses to classmates, these must also be cited and referenced in the response.

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