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Discussion Board 6 And Peer Post

I’m working on a sociology discussion question and need guidance to help me study.

Drawing from thereadings and lectures from this week, I’d like for you to apply the knowledge aboutqualitative interview guides and to begin your data collection for Homework #2.For this discussion post, please write a response that includes the following:

1.Topic proposal:

Introduce the research topic on a socialissue or problem that you wish to explore. What sociological research questionsdo you wish to answer? Why would sociologists want to know more about thistopic?

2.Description of interviewee and interviewschedule:

Identify whom you would like to interview.This person must be at least 18-years old and is a willing participant. You canuse a pseudonym to maintain confidentiality. Explain why you picked thisperson. What information can they provide that is relevant to your specifictopic?

Provide a date and mode for conducting theinterview (i.e. zoom, telephone, in-person). Your interviewee should be awilling participant and will need to be available to complete the interview forat least an hour. Remember, you will have to transcribe the interview so besure to consider how you will record the interview if it is conducted over the phone,zoom, or in-person. You will need to submit a coded transcription by April 24 so plan accordingly.

3.Interview guide:

Provide a list of at least 10-15 interviewquestions which you can ask during the interview. Think about at least 3 or 4 dimensionsof your research topic you might want to explore and organize your interviewguide using those dimensions. Each dimension should have at least 3 questions.

You should avoid asking simple questions thatcan be answered with a “yes” or “no” – be sure to askquestions that are open-ended and require your interviewee to provide a moredescriptive response. Moreover, avoid asking leading questions that prompt yourinterviewee to answer questions in a particular way. You can include follow-upquestions and smaller probing questions as well (see examples in Weiss Chapter3 pp. 49-50 and Chapter 4 pp. 75-76).

After you completeyour post (due FRIDAY, April 9 @11pm), please comment on another student’s postand offer additional feedback or suggestions for their interview guide (due SAT,April 10 @11pm). You should comment on the quality of their questions, offersuggestions on how to reframe questions, and you should suggest at least 3 additionalquestions to add.

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