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Discussion Board Post 110

I’m working on a history Discussion and need support to help me study.

For this week’s discussion blog, please answer the following questions:

1. In our textbook, what happens in the chapter, “US Triumphalism and Peacetime Colonialism”? What quote/section stood out to you most, and what connections did you notice to our course materials so far?

2. In our textbook, what is Dunbar-Ortiz referring to with the “Ghost Dance Prophecy”? Please include specifics from the chapter, and explain how it connects to the Occupation of Alcatraz.

3. According to Prof. Mayfield’s lecture, what did tribal termination policies entail? What did the relocation policies entail?

4. According to the readings and Prof. Mayfield’s lecture, how did the American Indian Civil Rights movement emerge?

5. Describe the goals and significance of the Occupation of Alcatraz based on this week’s readings and documentary. What scenes from the documentary stood out to you most, and why?

6. After, thoroughly interpret and rhetorically analyze the Alcatraz Proclamation based on the historical context we’ve learned so far. Consider the following: purpose, tone, word choice, historical allusions, intended audience, context etc.

Answer these questions based off the readings that will be provided below.

Don’t forget that your initial post in response to the prompt must be at LEAST 400 words minimum, but also please do not write too much as well, and remember to also post a peer response of at least 200 words as well!

Pretend you are reading someone else’s response to these same exact questions, respond to them as if you were reading their answers, using 200 words minimum please.



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