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Discussion Discussion 13

Describe the importance of health equity and socioeconomic determinants of health in developing a comprehensive definition of population health safety and quality.

Respond: Addressing social determinants of health is a major approach in achieving health equity for all. Health equity is when everyone in a population has the opportunity to attain their full health potential and there are no disadvantages to anyone, due to social status or any other underlying circumstance. Social determinants of health, such as unequal access to care, lack of education, stigma and race, can all be contributed to a diminished quality of population and can negatively contribute to the overall health of a community/and or population.

Respond: The social determinants of health relate directly to health equity. The determinants of health are how we live, where, where we work, marital status and socioeconomic status among others. Making sure people are taken care of despite where or how someone lives helps define the health and safety of a population. Using these determinants helps us improve the quality of healthcare therefore they’re very important to study and use.

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