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Discussion: Composition of Art: Still Life and Its Connection to Composition

Generally, still life comprises inanimate subject matter of very familiar objects from the natural world or every day, man-made objects. Still life creations can be composed with items from nature and may consist of plants, rocks, wood, food, flowers, or other items from the natural world. Vases, drinking vessels, jewels, coins, and any other items represent a human presence. Still life is the medium that builds a foundation for developing artistic skills. Still life items offer a great deal of choice in metaphorical representation and design elements within composition. Composition is the process and deliberateresult of the artist selecting and arranging specific elements to make a statement about his or her creation.

In this Discussion you find an example of a still life composition and describe it, using the art terminology found in “Humanities Through the Arts Classroom Glossary” and Learning Resources for this week. You also address the materials used in the composition of the still life. Finally, drawing upon your own personal experience(s) with art, consider why the artist might have selected the specific elements of the still life.

To prepare:

Familiarize yourself with the NGAkids still life interactive composer from the National Gallery of Arts, found in your Learning Resources for this week. This interactive tool will assist you in understanding still life and the elements of composition. Then, find a still life example from your own research.

By Day 4

Post a description of your still life example, addressing the material composition of the still life. Explain why you believe the artist chose to use those specific materials, objects, and that particular organization in the work of art.

Cite from the Learning Resources, your own investigation online, and the Walden Library.

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