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Discussion Post 1752

I’m working on a applied mathematics discussion question and need a sample draft to help me study.

1. Write an exponential equation using your two favorite single-digit numbers and the variable x. For example, I love 3 and 4, so here are just a few of my options:






2. Take your exponential equation and convert it into a logarithmic equation. For example, using the exponential equations I made above, they would convert to the following:




3. Share a memory device to help remember how to convert an exponential equation to a logarithmic equation and vice versa. You can do some research and find one or makeup one of your own and share!

Then Give feedback FROM others post. Here is the post.

1. My two favorite digits are 5 & 2 (my birthday) so my exponential equation would be e5=2

Converting it to logarithmic equation id do ln2=5..

A memory device to help me convert an exponential to a logarithmic is one, always remember that if the base is “e” we don’t use “log” we use “ln”

2. My two favorite single digit numbers are 7 and 5. My exponential equation would be


Converting this exponential equation to a logarithmic equation would look like


My memory device for this is the base goes to the bottom of the log while the top goes to the other side and the other side becomes the multiple of the log.

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