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Discussion Post A Reply Should Between 300 And 700 Words

I’m working on a environmental science multi-part question and need support to help me learn.

Each of the discussion questions below are questions related to this Module. A reply should between 300 and 700 words and may be in video or PowerPoint form. Extra points are given for references, especially in peer reviewed papers and in APA format.

Solid waste incineration is an obvious choice in places where land is limited. In addition, incineration can produce a lot of energy partly off-setting the cost of solid waste disposal. Also, there can be up to 90% reduction in landfill volume. Even though incineration produces small amounts of unavoidable air pollution, it is unquestionably much less than air pollution from landfilling. However, incineration doesn’t encourage source reduction given that many of the things which burn well can also be recycled. Landfills can also produce energy but in doing so, may also generate enormous greenhouse gas emissions.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of solid waste incineration, do you feel this might be an appropriate technology for Southern California where it is extremely difficult to find landfill space near waste sources? Are greenhouse gas emissions enough of a concern to off-set concerns about source reduction? Discuss.

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