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Discussion Q For Swarm 1

1. Find out what Swarm (Links to an external site.) is.

2. Choose several case studies included in the Resources -> Prediction Highlights (Links to an external site.) and Resources -> Case Studies (Links to an external site.).

Pay attention to the question and possible answers described in the case studies.

3. Propose a question that you think Swarm can help you finding the answer.

Submission instructions:

Click on the Discussions -> “Q for Swarm” and create a new thread. You need to include the following information in your post:

  • What is question you want to ask and what are the possible answers (10 points);
  • What category does this question belong to. Category can be one of the following: politics, business, healthcare, and education (2 points);
  • Why do you think it is an important question to ask (3 points);
  • Why do you think collective intelligence can help finding the answer to your question (5 points).
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