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Discussion Question 2991

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1)Executive agencies at the federal level (such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Agriculture) are subject to executive orders of the president. The power of executive orders provides the president power to direct the activities of executive agencies. Should or can an executive agency rebel against an executive order if the agents of that executive agency feel they have an ethical duty to do so? Can they legally rebel against an executive order from the president? In other words, can they use their personal ethical model to usurp the institutional one? Explain how that conflict between worldviews could be peacefully resolved.

***Use the GCU Library for sources (https://library.gcu.edu/ )

The DQ response must be at least 200 words and should have at least one reference in APA format

2) Write a 100-word response to each student in first person as if you were writing it to the students. Talk about how you agree with their ideas and add your own thoughts. Make sure it’s respectful. (2 STUDENT RESPONSES ARE ATTACHED)

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