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Explain With Relevant Data Sources From The Attached File 1

Explain with relevant data sources from the attached file. I want a solution that is not quoted or transcribed from text So as not to discover the similarity ratio in the solution

“If you’re an economist, what about your contribution to vision 2030… discuss”.

You are required to reply to at least two peer responses to this week’s discussion question. Your replies need to be substantial and constructive in nature. one student write this i want answer, Vision 2030 aims to achieve a quantum leap to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the social, entertainment, travel and travel industry, in addition to the tremendous rise in the Saudi economy. Moreover, this vision will equip Saudi Arabia to become a country less dependent on the oil industry and achieve financial consolidation.

When discussing making commitments to that vision, we can modestly suggest the following: –

1- Implementing programs that could provide types of condolence assistance to all pilgrims coming to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These departments are responsible for preparing all that is expected of them to encourage travelers to visit at an earlier time, during and after the visit.

2- The development of heritage and authentic destinations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which helps to improve both rigor and relaxation in the travel industry.

3- Supporting public institutions by sponsoring them and enabling commercial training that would contribute to defining the public spending plan, expanding the public’s salaries, and reducing the link rates. Consequently, the lifestyle of the vast majority of Saudis will surely rise, and the monetary zone will be adjusted.

4- Developing an open work environment to support unfamiliar speculation. Consequently, more money will flow out of the country to Saudi Arabia, resulting in more positions and better personal satisfaction for Saudi individuals.

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