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Family In The Media

Our ideas about marriage and family are shaped by the various experiences we have in our own culture, including the mass media. In this assignment, you will write a paper analyzing the family experience shown in popular media – a movie, sitcom, soap opera, TV series – past or present, through a specific theoretical model discussed in this module.

You will be evaluated on how well you have been able to relate aspects of the theory to the media portrayal of family. You should integrate course content and some outside research to analyze the media critically. This paper should be a thoughtful, creative, synthetic, well-written analysis of a media portrayal of family as seen through the eyes of someone who is familiar with theories and research in the sociology of families and relationships.

Your paper should be 1200-1500 words and use current APA format. Include the following sections:

  • Brief introduction of the media – movie, sitcom, soap opera, TV series
  • Description of the portrayal of the family
  • Application of theoretical model of the family
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