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Fashion Management Dissertation 15000 Words

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Luxury brand online marketing strategy

——Take Louis Vuitton in xiaohongshu as an example

Introduction: With the vigorous development of ‘ science and technology ‘ and ‘ social economy ‘, the intersection between ‘ social ‘ and ‘ e-commerce ‘ continues to emerge, forming the integrated development model of ‘ social media + online shopping ‘. The social field has gradually become the blueprints of the development of e-commerce enterprises. Taking Xiaohongshu as an example, this paper studies the unique marketing mode of this community-sharing e-commerce APP. From the perspective of marketing, this paper analyzes the market positioning, marketing mode and marketing strategy of Xiaohongshu, summarizes the characteristics and successes in its development process, and puts forward optimization suggestions for deficiencies, exploring the promotion of luxury brands through the Xiaohongshu platform. In the United States and Europe, there are home TV sales channels like QVC or HSN. Many high-end beauty brands, such as Clarins, enter the U.S. market through such channels, and even Sephora has been displayed on HSN for a long time. People should not forget that customers’ view of live broadcasting (and TV home sales channels) is that it is “cheap” and suitable for mass brands, but if well done, it is also suitable for some high-end brands. That is to say, with the right marketing strategy, the promotion of xiaohongshu platform can increase the audience of consumers and open up a larger market.

Aim and Objectives: The purpose of this paper is to explore the brand promotion of luxury goods based on the platform of Xiaohongshu. With the fashion and community of Xiaohongshu, we can lead luxury goods into the public. Through the unique marketing strategy of the platform, combined with the emotional needs of consumers, we can use effective ways to promote the brand. Taking Louis Vuitton’s first live broadcast in Xiaohongshu as an example, this paper explores the reasons for its failure, analyzes the coping strategies, and formulates a set of reasonable, effective and suitable marketing strategies for luxury goods, which must be different from ordinary live broadcast.

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