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Field Experience Human Services

The assignment is for field experience with an agency that offers support to senior citizens that are on hospice. Please keep that in mind when you answer questions, the agency is https://www.heartlandhospice.com/(make something up base on what you would do as a human service student, most of the staff is working from home and I will be doing mostly intake)use your imagination and make realistic. pretend that you are doing the field experience.


  • 1 what are some mental health needs you deal with in your agency? Are there any? Well, how about even among staff, to be a little more controversial? what agencies or people in your community are able to offer interventions for mental health needs, in your community? Who do you refer to for these? So you have a child psychiatrist in your community, or within referring distance? Or do any offer telehealth services for kids, if you are too rural? What are telehealth mental health services? Has anyone seen this done? Offer some ideas on some impacts of culture on mental health issues and needs. So you know of some behaviors that seem like mental health issues in one culture, but not in another
  • 2 What are some faith-based agencies that offer human services in your area? What services are offered by faith-based agencies where you live? Is there a “mission” in your area, and what do they provide, and to whom? Do you think that it’s appropriate for government to fund faith-based agencies? Does your agency network with any faith-based agencies in your community? What services do Catholic Charities provide in your area (this is often surprising)? Are the services provided through faith-based agencies professional? Why would anyone prefer a faith-based agency, or would ever network out to one?
  • 3 What do we mean by closure with clients? How many visits do they get? What do we mean by transition with clients? Do all clients transition? When do you start to prepare for closure? Do all clients get closure? Do you chase clients who have quit coming to provide some closure? If so, how? Phone? ?? What do YOU get out of closure? Anything? Why do we provide closure? Overall? Or Transition? Do you have any examples to share from your line of work?
  • 4 In your line of work, how do politics enter into any decisions made between you and your clients? What sorts of human rights do you have to consider in your line of work, the helping professions? Do you know of any political issues affecting your line of work right now, or currently? Does your agency rely on any grant funding? Is there any politics involved there? Provide an example from case law or research on a violation of human rights in the helping professions.
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