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I Need Help With This Annotated Bibliography 1

I’m working on a writing discussion question and need support to help me understand better.

Please write an Annotated Bibliography using MLA Format.

*See the Sample/Model in the Modules

You will need to use your approved/corrected TWO academic research sources for your question to turn into an Annotated Bibliography. The two sources are from your Research Sources Assignment you completed on Canvas. You cannot do this assignment if you have not completed/corrected your sources and your research question and were not graded. This will insure your success. Remember to alphabetize your sources. YOU WILL WRITE 2 ANNOTATIONS IN TOTAL

Your Draft Annotated Bibliography needs to be attached to the Canvas Assignment Area called: Draft Annotated Bibliography Due: 12 April before class AZ day and time

  • Please attach your Draft Annotated Bibliography in a word doc using MLA:
  • MSWord Document Name: Last Name First Name – Draft AB
  • The title of your AB (Annotated Bibliography) is your correct Research Question).

Your AB must look exactly like the model Annotated Bibliography but with your information. Be careful of the spacing and the font and the underlining and what is bold and what is not.

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