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I Need Help With This Project Plz

I’m gonna give you examples of everything and a video (we transfer) I need Press Release, Leadership Email , Internal memo, Player Choice (for this one you choose) Note; DUE TO THIS SATURDAY 3/27

INSTRUCTIONS :International Business Analysis (Portfolio) 25% points – Students will provide an original portfolio consisting of three required pieces of documentation and a fourth item of their choice relevant to a fictional company wishing to enter a new international market. All documents will be in 12-point MLA-style, double-spaced, and in Times New Roman font. Portfolio will consist of: NOTE (you can choose a company to entered to middle east market or anything you want for example : you can make it on Blue Nile company in the jewelry industry,and we are american company attempting to enter the middle east market ) or any idea you like


  • Press Release: A press release to media and stockholders defining the pro’s and con’s of this business decision (Public audience). This statement must be ethical, truthful, accurate, and discuss topics relevant to the external public. This also must use “toned down” language understandable by the general public. (10%) 1000 words – 4 researched sources minimum and must include an original graph/chart.
  • Leadership Email: An email meant to be shown and distributed to leadership/management. This piece must use very professional language and be suited more for an internal audience (more relevant detail). (5%) 500 words and must include an original spreadsheet of some kind.
  • Internal Memo: A statement meant to be posted on an internal website for your coworkers and peers. While still professional, this is meant to be very broad and detailed and serves as a midpoint between the previous portfolio components. (5%) 500 words.
  • Player’s Choice: This is a creative aspect of the assignment and is up to the student. This can be a small web-page, blog post (500 words), proposal (500 words), Power Point presentation (5 slides) or anything else relevant to the professional arena (email instructor with ideas first!). The key here is to have a specific audience in mind such as union representatives, stock market publications, and the like. (5%).
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