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I Need Help With Writing My Bio For Website

I’m working on a psychology Other and need support to help me learn.

So, I have been trying to wrap up some draft for you. I need BIO for my company website about me. I want it to look professional and also have that kind Flow and not contain too much, so it would be hard to understand.

Please feel free to correct whatever I already drafted and add to it. Because I need it to be little bit longer. I need to add that I am working with individuals (man women ->adults). Feel free to consult with me and drafts.

“Whenever you feel trapped, overwhlemed with your thoguths and emotions. Maybe you feel stuck in a relationhips, in a job or in life in general and you are looking for a safe place to let it all out and be heard and work together to process and move forward with your life. Olimpia’s authentic and warm approach will help you to create a safe place where you can feel comfortable, unjudged and understood.

Olimpias heart lie with psychodynamic approach where she belives our current stuggles have roots in our early experiences, although, Olimpia offers an integrative approach depending on client goals and needs. …?

Together with Olimpia you learn skills and necessary tools to improve, brighten your life feel happier and be satisfied with your life.

Olimpia work with the clients who experiences, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, lack of motivations, low self esteem, trauma, co-dependency, domestic violence and abuse, *career choices, life transition and dissociative and psychotic disorders. “

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