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I Need Help Writing An Essay 10

I’m working on a communications report and need a sample draft to help me study.



The first two sections of the class covered what constitutes rhetoric and how politicians use rhetoric to respond to the unique needs and features of different rhetorical situations. For this assignment, you are to apply some of the concepts/theories we have covered to a rhetorical artifact of your choosing (e.g. speech, public statement, political advertisement, interview) related to a contemporary policy idea or proposal. The artifact you chose should not be one we have discussed in lecture.


Your analysis should answer the following questions in an essay:

1. What was the political context of your chosen rhetorical artifact?

2. How does the rhetorical artifact utilize symbols to appeal to its audience’s values and/or emotions?

3. Evaluate the quality of the rhetoric.

How to Succeed on this Assignment

1. Follow these assignment guidelines:

-Typed, double-spaced, standard margins and 12 point font

-2-3 pages

-Reference at least two readings assigned so far in class

-A works cited page for any references to course texts and examples

2. Use specific examples from the text:

Reference specific quotations from the text you are analyzing rather than merely saying things like “the speaker debated to get generate support for the bill” or “the speech wanted people to vote for her as president.”

3. Support your observations with assigned readings

This paper is asking you to identify how you think the artifact addressed responded to the context and tried to shape our assessment a political situation. This is in part a biased/personal response – that is fine, and unavoidable. The key is to connect your observations to readings/concepts from class.

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