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I Need Quality Work 1

I’m working on a writing Other and need support to help me understand better.

Hi I have the following essay question due by 14th April 2pm (BST). I would like a first (70%+) for this university assignment:

“Drawing on any of the theoretical frameworks we have covered in the module, or other reading that you have done, please choose and critically discuss an intercultural encounter that you have experienced during the last 12 months. (750 words)”

An example would be stereotypes I had about a certain culture eg. Russians are abrupt and can be misunderstood as being rude (cultural differences in communication styles) or any other example.

I am expected to discuss theories such as stereotype theories, impoliteness theories etc.

Should include:

Feelings in the initial interaction and how they changed over time once I got to know the person better and realised the stereotype was false etc. etc. Who was there, What context.

need at least 7-10 references

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