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I Need Someone To Do My One Pager For A Overview Of Hamlet Play By Shakespeare

I’m working on a shakespeare presentation and need support to help me study.

This is an opportunity to have some fun while showing me what you feel is significant in reading/learning about Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy, Hamlet. A One-Pager should have a minimum of 10 parts/sections and can be done in Google Docs, Google Slide, or sketched.

Examples could include, but NOT limited to:

1. Brief overview of each of the 20 scenes

2. Character flaws/issues

3. Ophelia’s flowers and what they symbolized

4. Order and how each character died

5. 10 pieces of advice to Laertes

6. Illustrations of characters, plot, or comedy

7. Why Hamlet decided not to take revenge against Claudius

8. Plan A, B, C and their foils

9. The play within the play ie: Murder of Gonzago details

10. Essential Literary Terms/Quotes

Please watch the brief explanation of a One-Pager from the source Cult of Pedagogy, AND view former students’ examples.

Get creative and have fun with this assignment

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