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I Need To Write An Essay 3

I’m working on a writing discussion question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

I need to do a 340 word essay on the document that I am going to attach here, please follow the following instructions as I give them, in the summary I have to rewrite what the author said in a shorter way, please do not write your opinion again write the message in a brief way, include main ideas and supporting details and mention the last name of the author in the response. I have to give an opinion if I agree or disagree, as well as how the ideas can be related to my own experience and evaluation of the text, please In the response write your opinion or feelings and include your own experience.

Please in the essay it has to be organized as follows, in the introduction it is a summary + thesis statement, in the body 1 response, body 2 response, in the general conclusion reaction or impact on you personally.

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