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I Need Two Reports Like The Report I Attached I Attached The Graphs You Should Be Use In Both Works 1

I’m working on a biochemistry question and need an explanation to help me learn.

I shared a result with you and my graphs. I also attached a sample that you need to follow. Also, a guideline of how the points are distributed so you follow them. Please create a title for each document, and references need to be different.

I attached the graphs you will use if you see is 5 pages for each report but the graphs cover almost two pages if you see the example I attached and I attached the instructions too. So, in the final is 2 reports with my graphs, therefore is 3 pages or a little bit more for each one.

Use the same graphs in both report but please use different sources.

If you cannot see or download, don’t worry it’s okay use the same one on the sample and I’ll change them after.

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