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I Only Need You Edit The Outline According To The Example The Paper Is Done I Only Need You Edit As I Requested

I’m working on a business question and need an explanation to help me learn.

I attached the paper, the outline and the example for the outline

we need to include in the literature review paper the hypothesis and the problem statement. Please add the information as I requested. The paper is done, I only you add this and edit with the outline as I requested.

She wants us to add at least 6 research that we have already found that we will be incorporating in the final literature review and have a brief description of it using citation and references not (Which we already have because the review is done) and developed the 6 articles in the outline template in the outline here is an

Were you able to understand the outline literature review template? and what the other girls did? is just to give an idea of the paper to the professor and prove that we are on the correct path using the articles and citing and giving correct information in regards to the research question (What is the speech-language pathologist’s role in developing reading skills in preliterate children).

this professor is very strict and she want thing to be specific.

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