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I Want Argumentive Essay Will Be A 5 Paragraph And Contain 1200 Words

I’m working on a writing project and need support to help me learn.

the argumentive essay will talk about this question :

Eight nations have successfully detonate nuclear weapons and several others are believed to have them. Only one country has ever developed nuclear weapons and then dismantled them. Many nuclear powers feel that the world will be safer by limiting the development of nuclear weapons in other countries. Countries involved in regional conflicts feel that nuclear weapons make them safer and prevent conventional wars. To what extent is it possible to limit the spread of nuclear technology and fissionable materials? How could this be managed? Do you feel that the possession of nuclear weapons by major countries in the Gulf region would make the Middle East more or less stable?

There are evaluation criteria that must be met in addition to the instructions that I will send.

The 5 paragraph will be like :

1- intro

2- body 1

3- body 2

4-body 3

5- conclusion

in the end, there will be references (References by APA method).

there is a video expline the work

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