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I Want Project 2

NOTE (This project should be about Alzheimer disorder)

Definition of the disorder/issue is clearly explained

Signs and symptoms of the disorder are included There is a clear description of the signs/symptoms of the disorder or issue Statistics/research is used to explain the disorder breakdown of the populations who experience this issue/disorder (based on race, gender, age, sexual orientation, etc) is included, as well as recent statistics/rates on the number of people impacted.

Current treatments are discussed current and future recommendations for treating the disorder/how to approach the issue in a different way is discussed

Concrete strategies for reducing stigma around this disorder/issue are provided

Project has AT LEAST 5 references in APA styleYou have provided references for all of the statistics/current findings included in your project

Project can “Stand alone”It is easy to see what the project is about and it can stand by itself without any explanation. Someone who is not taking a psychology course would gain valuable information from this project

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