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I Want Someone To Do My Management Assignment 1

Motivation: The Blind Side (Links to an external site.)

motivation blind side-1.PNG 

To complete this assignment.

1. Watch the above clip (Links to an external site.).

2. Click/tap here to download the attached worksheet download.

3. Answer the questions in the worksheet about the clip and course topics to the best of your independent ability. (~2-3 pages of writing) Each response should be 150-200 words. Responses less than 150-200 words do not receive credit. 

4. Submit (upload) your document to this assignment.  It must be in a Word document. Submissions not in a Word document do not receive credit. This assignment is scored 100% if you complete ALL of the requirements of 0% if you miss any of the requirements.

The questions in the worksheet are also listed here.

1. What is motivating the coach? What is motivating the player Michael Orr? 

2. Use the expectancy theory to explain the coach’s position and the player’s position.

3. What is the goal of the coach? Identify each of the characteristics of goals and explain how the coach uses them.  

4. How does the coach use the Reinforcement perspective of motivation? Identify and explain each of the types of reinforcement.

5. How does the coach use empowerment and participation to increase success?

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