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I Want Someone Who Does A Research Paper About My Survey Data 1

I’m working on a management report and need support to help me understand better.

Based on your survey data you collected as part of assignment 1, you are required to write a research paper with at least 5000 words. The research paper should follow APA guidelines for referencing and use a one column format. The typical section in the paper should be Abstract, Introduction, Related Work, Material and Methods, Survey Findings, Discussion, Conclusion, References, Appendix with questionnaire.

It should include pictures of the chart and an explanation of them, and there is file result for My survey.(Untitled form.csv )

There is a file in which the questionnaire questions are found.(Assignment 1 (3333) (2))

In addition, we have an example picture of the requirements and how they should be.(EXAMPLE)

Title of the research paper is PerformanceManagement System for Expat Faculty in Saudi Arabian Private Universities

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