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I Want Three Articles On First Aid Fire And Assault

1- what experiences do you have with first aid (giving or receiving)? How might this affect how you respond to a child getting injured?  In addition to providing treatment for the injury, what else might an injured child need from a caring adult to feel emotionally safe?

2- describe your plan if you were to have an earthquake, fire, intruder / hostage situation?  What should you do if you are indoors?  What should you do if you are outdoors?3- What we need to remember is that the child or person being abused, loves the abuser and often will protect them by denying that something happened,  They will take responsibility for the injury.


Third journal assignment:

Describe each type of abuse and each type of neglect, and come up with a situation and give an example. What signs might a teacher or caregiver notice for each of these?

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