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I Want You To Rewrite My Pamphlet My Topic Is About Benefits Of A High Fish Diet

I’m working on a communications spreadsheet and need support to help me study.

  • My topic is about Benefits of a high fish diet
  • Format: The pamphlet may be a tri-fold letter or legal sized paper. However, feel free to use any other format for the pamphlet if you desire.
  • Audience: Prepare the pamphlet for an adult audience with a high school education.
  • Contents:
    • Title
    • Summary of the problem, controversy or situation
    • Clearly state your stance on the topic
    • Outline arguments for your stance.
    • A list of references must be included.
  • Use graphics and color to your taste, to enhance your message and the appeal of the pamphlet

Suggestions for Producing Effective Pamphlets

  • Understand the issue well.
  • Have an eye-catching title or slogan that states your stance.
  • Pamphlet needs to be understandable for your target audience (high school reading level).
  • Determine the purpose of the pamphlet. Do you want to increase the reader’s knowledge, or tell them to do (or not do) something? This will influence the amount of explanation you wish to provide, etc.
  • Avoid jargon and difficult terminology.
  • Use proper grammar and keep explanations simple and to the point.
  • Don’t make your pamphlet too “wordy”
    • Be clear and concise
    • Too many words on a page tend to dissuade the reader from reading the detail
  • Include a summary
  • Use a larger font size when possible.
  • Use bullets – they are more eye-catching than paragraphs.
  • Use pictures, graphs, charts, etc. to express your message (reference where you obtained any graphs, charts, etc. that contain data).
  • Figures should be clear (not blurry) and easy to read (do not use small or hard to read fonts).
  • Color can help differentiate points and draw the eye in to important information (however, don’t use it to excess – becomes distracting)
  • Your name and contact info must appear on the pamphlet.

IMPORTANT: In addition to all of these, please clearly state your stance is on the issue you are presenting. If there is no clear-cut answer to the issue you are presenting, please choose a side and support it well!

Most common reasons people lose unnecessary points on this assignment:

  • No name or contact info on the pamphlet
  • Many typographical errors, no proofreading done
  • Title does not give an indication of the purpose of the pamphlet
  • Too many words! A pamphlet should not be written completely in paragraph form.
  • No facts used to back up the argument
  • No references listed
  • The message of the pamphlet is unclear. We don’t want to see “It’s a tough issue, you decide what is best.” The point of the pamphlet is to show your understanding of both sides of the issue and provide a convincing argument of your point of view.

When the pamphlet is being graded, this is the rubric (each are equally weighted):

Title: Is it effective?
Controversy Stated
Forum Posts/Discussion

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