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I Would Like To Know If You Could Help With More Direct Quotes From Each Text 1

I’m working on a literature report and need support to help me understand better. I wrote a 6 page essay in response to the attached prompt. I also attached the story “Young Goodman Brown.” I just would like more direct quotes from my sources as stated by my professor and incorporate the primary source (the story itself) with the direct quotes :). All of the sources I used are in the works cited page :).

Here is my professor`s feedback:
“This is interesting, but you’re going to need more direct quotes from your sources. Speaking of sources, you need to incorporate your primary source (the story itself) with direct quotes as well.”This is the feedback that I received from my Professor. I wanted to know if you can help me with more direct quotes from each source especially from the short story that was used “Young Goodman Brown”.

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