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Identify A Potential Risk Within A Healthcare Organization And Provide The Rationale For Choosing This Issue

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Assignment Criteria for the Paper

1. Identifya potential risk within a healthcare organization and providethe rationale for choosing this issue.

2.Discuss the risk management elements and patient safety strategies in thisissue.

3.Complete a literature review related to this issue.

4.Discuss the risk assessment measures related to internal and externalenvironmental factors, and mechanism.

5.Discuss use of human factors, engineering, and other factorsto improve patient safety.

6.Use a risk theory and apply it to the patient safety issue.

7.Integrate two QSEN competencies within your plan to mitigate this risk-relatedissue.

8.The body of the scholarly paper is to be 3–5 pages in length, excluding title and reference pages.

9.Grammar, spelling, punctuation, references, and citations are consistent withformal academic writing and APA7 formatas expressed in the current edition.

10.Include a minimum of four references published within the past 5 years, notincluding your textbook. References may include scholarly websites oforganizations or government agencies and must be presented using APA currentedition format for electronic media.

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