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Oral Assignment 5 8 Minutes

I’m working on a writing presentation and need an explanation to help me learn.

Create a 5 to 8-minute recording demonstrating your ability to accurately frame and present your client’s issue to a judge. Be sure to include a script with your recording.

Although paralegals typically do not present orally before the court, it is not uncommon for social workers to advocate on behalf of their clients directly to the Judge in open court, especially in Family and Immigration Court as well as in various administrative tribunals. So, it is important that you learn some basic rules and expectations. Some of these tips will also assist you in advocating with other agencies via phone or in person. The following are the expectations for your recording.

  1. Watch the Case Review Hearing video (Links to an external site.)
  2. The Judge’s instructions will prompt you with several legal questions and several questions about the client’s social/human services needs.
  3. Review the Oral Advocacy Tips (Links to an external site.)
  4. The groups were assigned by your instructor. If you cannot determine your group, please email me. Find your assigned group and Case Study. Make contact with your teammate. Then choose the role of the social worker or lawyer and answer the questions presented by Judge Kuhn.
  5. Your video will be based on one of the following case studies:
    1. Helena Case 1 (Groups 1,3) (see attachment)
  6. You will collaborate with your teammate to create/improve your presentations, but you will submit them separately. One of you will play the attorney role, the other the social worker role. (Note: Your role will be the social worker)
  7. The content of your recording should be your summary of the questions asked by the judge.
  8. Once you have practiced, record your presentation which should be 5-8 minutes in length.