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Organic Chemistry 1 Hw

I’m working on a chemistry question and need support to help me study.

I’m working on a chemistry multi-part question and need an explanation to help me study.

I need help with some things listed below

1) basic short answer discussion

post about 1 reaction and how you’re going to remember that one. Whether it’s using a mnemonic or breaking the name of the reaction down into what is happening, share 1 trick to keep an addition reaction straight.

The list: hydrohalogenation, acid-catalyzed hydration, oxymercuration-demercuration, hydroboration-oxidation, catalytic hydrogenation, halogenation and halohydrin formation, anti-dihydroxylation, sun-dihydroxylation, and oxidative cleavage.

2) 7 Multiple choice questions

3) 10 HW questions

4) What I’d like you to do here is choose one reaction (it can be the same as your Discussion one), and a) show/draw the reaction, b) list the reagents, including the solvent, c) draw/show the mechanism. You can use either real compounds to show the reaction, or rodneychirchir

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