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Organizational Credibility Analysis Amazon Company 1

To identify and present the credibility behind the actions and communication styles of an organization. Your opinion/viewpoint needs to be backed up by facts and your opinion needs to be stated as to whether you see this organization as positive or negative

Your research for your organizational and leadership analysis papers MUST come from valid academic or scholarly sources. You CANNOT google your organization/individual and take information directly from the internet– points will be deducted from your final score when utilizing internet sources (Wikipedia/Blogs/Twitter)

DIRECTIONS: Your information must come from credible/valid sources, your sources (three or more) must be cited in APA format in your paper and on your reference sheet (see APA reference guide in your content D2L folder), three-plus pages, double spaced, 1” top, bottom, and side margins, 12cpi

Link for research: https://nhresearch.lonestar.edu/SPCH1315Cooley


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